Biomethane – A Promising Future

Rising populations and urbanization are increasing the pressure on existing landfills.  There is a global need for sustainable waste management solutions that not only relieve this pressure but also provide economic and environmental value.  There is incredible value in the thousands of tonnes of waste that is currently being under utilized.

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 10.23.33 AMAnaerobic Digestion (AD), the process by which organic material decomposes and produces biogas offers a promising waste management and resource recovery option.  Upgrading biogas to biomethane, a product chemically identical to natural gas, further enhances the uses and opportunities for this resource.  It’s a carbon-free source of energy that also reduces greenhouse gas emissions through its production.  It’s also a promising alternative output for biogas – when using an electrical generator, less than 40 percent of the energy is typically available (assuming the heat is wasted), while when delivering biomethane directly to consumers, approximately 90 percent of the energy is available.   Biomethane is simply pipeline quality natural gas.

The revenue opportunities for biomethane include: selling it to the natural gas grid to be used by natural gas consumers, utilizing it onsite, or as an alternative fuel for transport. Biomethane is an attractive waste management solution that bridges renewable energy and waste management.

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