2012 – The Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter brought the long awaited opening of the Feed-in Tariff window for small renewable energy projects, less than 500 kilowatts in size. A moment many of us in the renewable energy industry had been waiting for for well over a year. Now that the window is closed, we get to speculate about when contracts will begin being issued and if or when the large FIT window will open to accomodate projects bigger than 500 kW in size. While this next round of waiting goes on, the provincial government is in transition mode, while the Ontario Power Authority and IESO (power system operator) are moving ahead with a merger, which should change power planning (for the better) going forward.

With all the ups and downs of 2012, we’re looking forward to a more stable and productive 2013. I hope we’re right, but at least it’ll be fun if we aren’t.

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The fourth quarter of 2012 was highlighted by:

  • ZooShare’s re-application to the Feed-in Tariff program (22 months after first applying)
  • Our first sustainable waste consulting client
  • Participation and attendance at the Social Finance Forum, which took place at the MaRS Centre

The full report can be found here.

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